Missing Out On Dunnocks

Turns out this little fella

is not, in fact, a sparrow.

I’ve been seeing these in our garden for ever but I’ve never known what they are. Which is fine, ignorance is an excusable problem. What does bother me a little bit though is that I’ve never bothered to find out what they are. I’ve just assumed that they’re sparrows, you know either tree sparrows or house sparrows, whichever the one is that doesn’t look like a classic sparrow, or maybe they’re female sparrows or juveniles. I dunno. It doesn’t really matter.

Because they’re just Little Brown Jobs as the professional birders would say. Tediously uninteresting and a little bit too much effort to identify from a distance or with a cursory glance.

And yet when you do slow down enough to spend 2:45 on Wikipedia it turns out you’ve been missing out on something all this time. And with not very much effort you become just a little bit smarter and your world becomes a little bit richer around you.

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