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Setup access to Windows shares

Windows Remote Assistance: Start; Help and Support; More Support Options; Windows Remote Assistance. Get client to invite by email and give me password. I save attachment from email, accept invitation, enter code and request control in top left corner of desktop displayed.

  • 20160214T000000 Install bashpodder
  • 20160907T000000 Get command line email working
  • 20160910T000000 Setup Dead Man’s Snitch
  • 20170401T212700 Add alias for ls -lisa to OVH server
  • 20171016T005500 Get network shares working
  • 20171110T071600 Tried setting up a Gopher server on SDF. Connected OK through the browser proxy. Using command line gopher on the SDF server my site didn’t appear in the directory and I couldn’t see a way to get the gopher client to open its URL directly. Using my own Gopher client I kept getting ‘Nothing Found’ error messages when looking for my folder on the server.
  • 20180912T000000 Setup Family Spotify account for Linda.
  • Move Ideas into relevant sections as todos
  • Create git repos for projects that don’t have one