What Do I Do

Broadly speaking my work falls into four camps:

  • Web Site Production Working closely with clients to bring their web site ideas to reality is at the heart of my day to day work. Whether it’s a sharp and elegant single page site, or an e-commerce behemoth with social media features coming out of its ears, I can produce exactly what you’re looking for. To spec, on time, in budget.
  • Site Maintenance This service is designed for those who already have a web site up and running but want to make some improvements. Perhaps the site is looking a little old and tired. Perhaps you’re still relying on what your favourite nephew knocked up for you during startup. Perhaps you simply need to update your contact details.
  • Internet Presence Many clients love the idea of handing off their entire internet management responsibilities, freeing them up to just get on with business. This includes everything from renewal of domains, through setting up new email accounts, and right on up to updating Twitter, Facebook and blog content or implementing a pro-active online customer service by hunting down and solving problems identified in bad online reviews.
  • Analytics The purpose of a web site is to generate revenue, even if only indirectly, for your business. As with all revenue sources you need to have at least a basic understanding of how well it’s working for you. My analytics service helps with that task. I can tell you how many visitors you get, how long they stay, where they’re from, what pages they look at, or even how many of them give up during your over-complex checkout process.

Some of the specific tasks I’ll undertake would include:

  • Business and brand analysis.
  • Securing the right domain for you.
  • Setting up web and email hosting.
  • Branding, style-guide and web site design.
  • Web site development, coding and testing.
  • Content creation, including a blog if appropriate.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Ongoing security updates, backups and traffic analysis.
  • Future development based on business needs.

None of this is fixed in stone of course. Maybe your site’s been hacked and your old web guy has vanished. Maybe you’ve just moved premises and need changes to your web site’s contact details and Google map. Perhaps you’ve already had some great print work done and you want to use this in your web site rather than starting from scratch. Not a problem.

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