Why Choose Me?


There are a million web guys out there so what makes me special?

  • I’m quiet. You’ll find a calmness in my design work as well as in my project management. You won’t hear claims of my own awesomeness or the lameness of my competition.
  • I do right. I do what you want rather than what my designer ego wants to do. But I will tell you if what you want to do is wrong.
  • I give you business tools. I do stuff that is focused on generating return on investment.
  • I’m efficient. I have a ruthlessly honed development process that gets results for you safely and quickly.
  • I know my toolbox. I use only a small selection of tools that I can apply to a wide variety of jobs. I know my toolbox intimately and shiny new tools very rarely get granted access.
  • I’m experienced. I’ve got 25 years in the business on big projects and small. Everything from managing a team of fifty engineers on a multi-million pound fast-jet defence contract, through writing code for the International Space Station, right down to writing little day to day web apps to keep track of my billable hours.


So what hard skills do I bring to the table?

  • Creative. This isn’t about drawing cute dancing bears. This is about translating business goals into engaging content. Which is, admittedly, sometimes a cute dancing bear. Everyone loves a cute dancing bear.
  • Coding. This is predominantly about pushing constraints to enable the content to shine. Layout, user focus and attention, browser capabilities, limited bandwidth, convention and expectation.
  • Analytics. Raw web site data is freely available. Converting it into useful information is three parts great tooling, two parts hard graft, and one part mystical incantation. It’s the digital equivalent of panning for gold.
  • Content. A picture paints a thousand words. But try explaining those last six words with a paint brush. A well turned sentence can be every bit as powerful as a whole gig of JPGs.
  • Mobile. It goes without saying.
  • User Experience. UX is creative’s wingman. He’ll work hard to facilitate all his crazy schemes but when the wild and drunken session gets just that bit too crazy he’ll take his keys off him and call him a taxi. UX is the guy who makes sure you don’t have to scroll hoizontally.
  • Social. There’s a good chance you’ll need to hook into social as a significant part of your online presence. Whether it’s email campaigns or Vines or just a good ol’ FB page.

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