Why NOT To Choose Me?

You’re here trying to find a needle in a haystack and the only way to make an informed choice is to weigh the pros AND the cons. Here are a few reasons why I may not be the right man for your job:

  • I’m not up for endless procurement meetings. If your process involves a 200 page RFP then move on – there’s nothing to see here.
  • I don’t do big, complex sites for big corporates. I’m simply not familiar with the tool-sets required. Modern web work is broad and complex and a single person must focus their skills to avoid being incompetent at everything.
  • If you want stunning original digital artwork then I’m not your man. I’m a competent designer but there are astonishingly expert artists out there.

Having said all that, if your requirements DON’T fit my skill set then drop me a line anyway. I can probably offer some advice and/or put you in touch with some of the right people to get things moving correctly for you.

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