Remember when mainstream media channels used to act dumb and/or condescending round science? Stephen Colbert is among a growing cadre of broadcasters who gets it right. Here’s the best layman’s explanation of gravitational waves I’ve seen.

Lego Technic Power Function motors are nice and easy to hack for robotics projects – in large part because they come with a built in gearbox so you get nice amounts of torque at low speeds right out of the box. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know. The tl;dr is thatRead more »

Here’s a nice little idea I saw somewhere a while ago and have just got round to making. It’s just an LED in series with a 470Ω resistor connected to a pair of 0.1″ pitch posts. Whenever you need to quickly check a signal on a breadboard you can just plug one of these babiesRead more »

Much as I’d love to have a proper oscilloscope I’m wise enough to know that spending a couple of hundred quid on a cheapo version is probably a bad idea. This is a tool that warrants some significant investment. Or alternatively pretty much none. I’ve just bought and built a little Jyetech DSO138 kit oscilloscopeRead more »