Resources are limited and there are often not enough to go around. More likely though, we just want more than we need.

Whether justified or not, we often find ourselves in a quest to obtain more resources. Which would ordinarily be simple enough if it weren’t for the fact that most resources we seek are also pretty attractive to others. Hello competition, lovely to meet you.

Competition is draining. No longer are we just trying to obtain resources, we now need consider ways we might obtain them faster than our competitors, take them from our competition, prevent our competition from obtaining them and so on. Things are now more complex, and complexity demands energy to overcome it in and of itself. If we decide to adopt any of these additional strategies, these will also demand extra energy. Double draining.

There are several ways to handle competitors:

  • Share the rewards with them - can be a great solution but you need to monitor for fairness and it’s not a great strategy if there aren’t enough resources to share
  • Destroy them - and what do you think your competition will try to do? Ever heard of World War I? Wars of attrition are just not very much fun.
  • Run away from them - you could find another type of resource to focus on or you could look for it in places your competition can’t go to or won’t go to

Take the following actions:

  • Determine the resources you’re looking for
  • Determine how much of those resources you want
  • Determine the sources of those resources
  • Determine the difficulty of obtaining resources from those sources
  • Optimise the order in which you access sources to obtain resources